Joseph and his birds.

A quick update on Sorbus Joseph Rock. The berries on my other three sorbus have now all been eaten, the Redwings did a great job, but the berries on SJR always last the longest. It seems birds prefer red or orange berries given a choice. So now these are all gone they are turning to the yellow.


Can you spot the cheeky Redwing? The main bulk of the Redwings left ages ago, but before they arrived and again after they had gone, I had one on its own. I thought it was a Thrush, but when it’s seen from the side you can make out its striped eye pattern, and he definitely has the red under his wing.


The Blackbird is also enjoying himself doing somersaults to try to get at the fruit.

These pictures were taken out of my bedroom window so may be a little blurred.


Popped into the greenhouse this morning….oops think these should have gone back in the ground before now.





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8 responses to “Joseph and his birds.

  1. Interesting about your red wing staying. My crab apples aren’t taken by the birds at all, but maybe because they aren’t something they recognise.


  2. Oh funnily enough I was wandering round a garden centre this morning Sue looking at malus trees and eyeing up which still bore the most fruits – the reds won hands down 🙂 Those remaining berries will be appreciated now that other pickings are thinner on the ground.


  3. Well done for getting these pictures, Sue – lovely to see a redwing closer up. We have had flocks in the apple and holly trees before now, but not close enough for pictures. I do keep wondering if I could find space for Joseph….


  4. When I looked yesterday we had a big clump of hellebores, so now I have some flower heads floating in a bowl , to remind me, Sue 🙂


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