Keeping the flowers alive part 4

So the weather for part of this week was a little kinder, it allowed me to potter for a short while and to take stock of forthcoming jobs.


Last weekend we went to Castle Donnington  (more in another post later ), but as usual I found a bargain plant.Yet another Hellebore, this time Helleborus x ericsmitthii  Pink Frost. Reading up about this later I find that it ages to dark red, I will keep you posted.

Anyway back to the garden. I have been clearing some leaves away, and it never fails to amaze me what I find .


 Crocus shoots pierce a leaf….


And another…..


Cyclamen Coum, 2 days later I found 3 more buds.


Looking splendid among the unnamed fern….


Even the Camellia is enjoying the lack of frost…


And after cutting away the old leaves from the epimedium, a lovely clump of snowdrops emerged…

Which reminds me …part 4…


Free Machine embroidery and applied flower heads….


Made in 2008…this hangs with the Eucomis.

I just hope that the weather clears for everyone down on the south west of England. They sure have had their fair (or unfair ) share of it. Our thoughts are with you all.














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8 responses to “Keeping the flowers alive part 4

  1. The machine embroidery and flower heads are absolutely beautiful. I’ve never heard of ‘free machine embroidery’ so I’m off to google. 🙂


  2. Lots of things going on in your garden, Sue, and lots to discover. I found the fabric shop in Castle Donnington but on a day it was closed – hadn’t made a special journey though, so will go another time. Your snowdrop textile is beautiful – but I would expect that from you!


  3. I love : 1. The Hellebore, 2: The leaf piercing, 3: The cyclamen, 4: The camellia, 5: The embroidery 6: And the Snowdrops were good too!!!!


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