Frilly Snowdrops.

Another moist walk around the garden. Loads of snowdrops out, they seem to be bulking up nicely.


There are large groups all over the garden now. But what do you make of these?


Are they Mutant Ninja Snowdrops? I’ve never planted anything that looks like this. I’m not even sure that I actually like them, I much prefer the more stately single. I’ll leave that one with you…..


Now I have no name for these crocus, there was a small clump in the garden when we moved in 35 years ago and now they are everywhere.They are a very welcome sight, every spring the ground fair lights up in the sun.


At long last Iris ‘Kathrine Hodgkin’ is flowering, usually this iris gets very badly eaten. I suppose I should grow it in a container, but if I can, I would rather keep the pots to a minimum in the winter. The colour on the petals is striking, especially for this time of the year.


And just a taster of what is to come in another couple of months. This is a seedling Auricula, flowering in the greenhouse. Just shows how warm it’s been lately…..




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15 responses to “Frilly Snowdrops.

  1. I am OK with Mutant Ninja Snowdrops, Sue!! Lovely to hear that generally your snowdrops are spreading about nicely, despite the presence these MNS, and the crocus seem to be doing the same. What is that in front of the them – a hemerocallis? The auricula is an achievement – you must be chuffed to see them flowering like this.


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  3. diversifolius

    Envy you for those snowdrops! Iris ‘Katherine Hodgkin’ is a stunner – I can’t wait to see it in my rockery (somewhere in May šŸ™‚


  4. Your snowdrops look beautiful, I can never get them to flourish well grow really in my garden.


  5. Lovely blog and feel good photos Sue! šŸ™‚


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