New Season, a Fishy Tale and a Favour.

After ordering more seeds than I can ever use, they arrived last week.


These along side some veg seeds for the allotment, came within 4 days of ordering. Among them are some goodies to try to grow for the conservatory. In the past I have successfully grown Bomarea Hirtella which I think now needs a permanent home outside as I don’t think I can put it in a bigger pot. I have a sheltered spot for it, so that’s another task.

The climbers I have chosen this year are Dicentra Scandens, a yellow climber with ferny foliage that will scramble to about 2 metres. This should over winter as a tuber.

Elytropus Chilensis is one I have never heard of but I am always up for a challenge. This is a woody evergreen climber with purple throated flowers and a delicate perfume.

I’ve always loved the Maurandya plants that I often see when looking in the orangeries in stately homes. So seeing M  ‘Magic Dragon’ which is a hybrid grown by Plant World Seeds , I thought this was the one for me to try. Fast growing and coming in colours ranging from pink to red. I think these will fit nicely into my conservatory colour scheme.

Gloriosa Rothschildiana is another climber that I admire in orangeries, and this I am determined to get to flower. It looks so stunning and is probably one I would have to work into a textile piece.

Still with seeds, Malcolm sowed his tomato seeds last week.


They were up in 5 days….


Just a little taster of a rose to come. Rosa Banksii Lutea already showing buds. Please Please no frost ……

And now a Fishy Tale.

For a couple of years now I have been following Mobana Origami . I have been fascinated by paper folding for a few years now and found his work to be quite addictive. At present he is working on folding a life size elephant, if you want to see his progress then you can follow the link.

Sipho Mobana also folds the most realistic Koi Carp. So this I had to try. Following his tutorial I came up with these.


And I don’t think they look too bad. I used origami papers for the 3 to the right and the left one is magazine paper….I really enjoyed making them and to finish here is a photo of my fish in the pond.


A big favour to ask….Does anyone know whether I should put this in the ground….!!!!  Eomecon Chionantha…commonly called Snow Poppy..I have had it in a pot for a couple of years and I believe it is rampant….Please will someone help me out of my dilemma, or in goes in the bin. Thanks…



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19 responses to “New Season, a Fishy Tale and a Favour.

  1. It is the best time of year! I am excited just looking at your seeds, they all look very interesting, Plant World is wonderful isn’t it? As for the origami, I am going to check that out. My friends little girl broke her leg before christmas and in an attempt to alleviate her boredom I bought her an origami kit, I got quite into it. Perhaps I will post my attempts, I expect I will have to provide subtitles!


  2. Mary

    Love your fishes Sue. Checked in my A -Z garden encyclopedia and you can plant eomecon chionantha and it is fully hardy although it says it spread but you could plant it in a bottomless tub or bucket to contain it. Hope your well, don’t over do it. Maryx


  3. diversifolius

    Lovely seed collection – we had Gloriosa one year in a container and it was indeed glorious! (then I lost it over the winter although I put in in the garage- germinate easily).

    Eomecon chionantha is the Asian counterpart of Sanguinaria canadensis – the flowers look almost the same but it doesn’t go dormant and it can be indeed invasive even here (zone 5 Ontario). If kept on the dry side doesn’t go too bad, can be quite a wonderful groundcover of some sort (I like the foliage), but with enough moisture is hard to keep in check. If you want to have it in one place then indeed planting in a tub might be the solution.
    I would love to have Sanguinaria spreading like this 😉


  4. A lovely selection of seeds, I’ve never heard of Plant World Seeds I shall have to give them a google. Your fish look great!


  5. Malcolm Turner

    enjoyed this update …


  6. They look very interesting, beyond sweet peas I’ve not had much luck at all growing flowers from seed.


    • Oh you must try again …Cosmos are a great seed to try, they are brilliant and can get really big with so many flowers for cutting …a few seeds in a pot on the windowsill will work wonders.


  7. The origami fish are lovely, Sue. I picked up an origami book from The Works recently which included origami jewellery and showed pictures of origami furniture too. I am wondering about large scale origami for the garden – would have to find a suitable material though….


  8. Far too early to plant seeds. I like your origami fish. Will you hang them on a mobile? Then they would be flying fish.


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