The colour is Blue

It has been such a beautiful day today, although we did wake up to rain, but this afternoon has been so sunny and warm. This has sparked me off.

So after going to a seed swap and getting a few climbing french bean seeds, I suddenly thought where am I going to put them. After not so much deliberation I found a spot, but it needs a thorough dig over. At the moment it is full of spanish bluebell and arum, but it will be cleared and hopefully this weekend. Then I can put chicken pellets on and wait for the beans to grow. I have sowed them in pots in the greenhouse.

And talking of which, I have now taken the bubble wrap off the glass. Too soon I hear you all shout. But I am so impatient when it comes to getting things tidied and up and running.

On my walk around the garden today I have noticed a change in the colour of plants. We now have the beginnings of the blue and yellow.


A pale seedling of Pulmonaria.


A chewed example of Hepatica Noblis.


Pulmonaria Blue Ensign.


A sunny looking Narcissus.


I think the pond needs a clear out.


Can you remember all the boxes of clay pots my friends David and Carolyn gave me? Well I have now managed to unbox them and they are now sitting under the greenhouse staging, waiting to be filled. And not before time, as I found a tray of Auricula outside and 9 out of the 10 pots had cracked with the frost. They have all been repotted and waiting in the wings.

I am now looking forward to getting a lot more jobs done in the garden this weekend, this sun is the boost we all need.




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8 responses to “The colour is Blue

  1. You have a lovely collection of clay pots, I’m slowly building up my own. I believe the weekend is meant to be nice weather wise, I do hope so!


  2. A good day’s work, Sue – and reminded me that I wanted to start some of my climbing French beans early too! I was wondering about my bubble wrap too – for the same reason, really.


  3. There is enthusiasm and vigour in every line of this blog Sue, brilliant! Spring is the best season by far.


  4. Another lovely spring day today I bet you’ve been busy like me. I envy you all your clay pots.
    What a cute little froggy face peering through the pond weed.
    Lovely blue Pulmonaria and Hepatica. Do you grow Chionodoxa or Scillas?


  5. diversifolius

    Wow! You are so advance in vegetation – I can hardly believe it! Gorgeous Pulmonaria – the Blue Ensign.


    • Thank you, I love blue in the garden. We have only really got going in the garden this last week or so. The weather is starting to warm up but the wind is still cold. It is tempting to think that we can do more but we must have patience.


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