A Tidy Workroom is an Unproductive One.

After finishing the two bags and after all projects come to that, I like to have a good tidy up. There’s nothing worse than starting a new project only to find half the things you need are in the wrong place or missing.


I thought I would give you a little tour of my tidy space. The room has two windows one at the front facing west, so really sunny and bright. This is where I do all of my sewing. Being a sunny room I always keep my machine covered when it’s not being used. Underneath the worktop I keep four other different  machines, cottons, buttons, you name it it’s under here.


Cottons Galore…..

I made some curtains for the front of this area, I find it easier to use than having doors. The fabric is appliqued with imaginary flowers and foliage, all made from a sample book of fabric.


The curtains have been recut and made to fit as my room had a different setup a few years ago.


Doing this type of applique is very therapeutic, as I can just let my imagination go mad, I wasn’t trying to copy real flowers.


Also on this worktop I have my PC and a  small TV on the wall, this doesn’t get used much but it does come in handy now and again.


This is the view towards the back. This is where the sampling and pattern cutting goes on, as you can see I have a bit of a thing about scissors, and that’s not all of them. Behind the white curtains I keep all my fabric. I use to have it open, but I realised that the fabric was fading on the front edge. Underneath is all the paraphernalia that goes into the making of all the things I do, like zips, studs, dyes, felting stuff, you name it it’s here. Now you know why my granddaughters like to be let loose in here.


Megan printing fabric that she used to make a little elasticated skirt.


Imogen displaying the little houses they made for Halloween last year.


My sister often brings her granddaughter round during the school holidays. Then the three of them have a ball using all the beads and glittery bits to create something special. Here they have made a triangular bag, all of their own design.

As a lot of you put photos of your sheds and garden work spaces, I didn’t think you would mind me putting my favourite work space on.

It won’t stay tidy for very long so make the most of it …..


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8 responses to “A Tidy Workroom is an Unproductive One.

  1. Lynda

    Hi Sue,
    We’ve just had new blinds and John had to cut them to fit, are you interested in the off-cuts, there aren’t alot and not heavy, John could bring them when he meets Mal next time? Something else for you to tidy in your workroom!! xx


  2. Gosh, you are organised. I would love to see your toolshed, I bet it is all beautifully ordered too.
    I love your applique. Your grandchildren are lucky to have a granny who teaches them such useful and interesting skills.


    • I would say organised chaos ….and we did have a new shed last year and I have vowed to TRY to keep it tidy….watch this space…and yes my girlies do love to come and create ….


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