Best Friend Bearing Gifts

Cathy arrived this morning saying ‘I saw these and thought of you’.


Three wonderful farm trays, dating from 1963,1964,1976.

‘What are you going to do with them ‘ she said.

Well two hours later Mr Malc converted them into this.



So now the trays hold my overflow of seedling and young Auricula.


Thank you Cathy and Mr Malc for making my day.


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17 responses to “Best Friend Bearing Gifts

  1. Malcolm Turner

    you are welcome as usual….


  2. What a wonderful gift. I think it looks fantastic; really stylish. I’ m looking forward to seeing all those Auriculas in flower, I hope you will show us them.


  3. The Golfer doesn’t read my blog as frequently as your Malcolm does – and probably only if I say “Have you seen…?”….! What a great job Malcolm has done on those trays – an ideal use for them, both practical and stylish. Well done to both of you (and to your friend, for knowing you could make use of them!)


  4. Brilliant, please send Mr Malc over straightaway. Your friend would be very welcome too if she brought such great gifts. Naturally you are always welcome.


  5. What a brilliant gift and make – over 🙂


  6. diversifolius

    A great gift paired with a great idea! – could you have asked for more?


  7. It’s great having good friends and people who know what you love, isn’t it! Love the result.


  8. lucky you, gifts and someone to make them into something useful. I have a friend who has a number of old apple racks that she has no use for. This could be just the solution for her, great idea. cheers. Dorris.


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