Dark Matter

Today things seemed to have taken a turn in the garden.

New leaves are unfurling everywhere and the ground is erupting with the promise of summer abundance.


           Peony ‘Molly The Witch’

Always the first peony to flower here and so welcome.


            Fritillaria Imperialis.

Always have to watch for lily Beetle.


        Epimedium Warleyense

 A lovely spring ground cover, with leaves tinged purple/red.


            Euphorbia Amygdaloides ‘Purpurea’

Not to everyone’s liking as it can spread, but the spring colour is stunning.


         Saxifraga Fortunei’Rubrifolia’

  Glossy, always healthy, green leaves with a deep maroon underside. An impressive plant all through to autumn.


         Acer….now unknown as I cut the original down and this is the graft that grows. I like it much better.


          A seedling Auricula not a good specimen, but I will keep it all the same.

I always get such a buzz from seeing all the new growth in the spring, it’s almost worth going through the winter for it….



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26 responses to “Dark Matter

  1. So beautiful! All that splendid colour is definitely worth waiting out winter for! 🙂 Especially love the glossy leaves of the Saxifraga, so gorgeous. I think that one isn’t hardy to our zone, though, which is a shame, although we can grow a few other types. I will have to do some searching.


  2. I think the Epimedium Warleyense is my pick of the bunch. I love the colouring of the flowers.


  3. I thought the same when I visited the plot today, though your flowers seem far in advance of mine.


  4. Yes, those epimedium flowers are beautiful, as is your purple foliage. All very lovely!


  5. I love Molly the Witch at all stages from the moment the first buds come nosing through the ground. Look at all those buds. I bet you have counted them. And the lovely red foliage. What an aristocrat she is. She should be called Lady something, not plain Molly.


  6. Molly has arrived safe and sound! I will look after her well. Thank you @-}–


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