Butterfly Boxes ..Tutorial

You would be forgiven for thinking I was going to give you a tutorial about how to make a butterfly box for the garden.

But no.

I often find in the charity shops old books that are a bit past their best, a bit raggy but the contents interesting all the same.

Now I don’t discard these after I’ve read them. I will often find another use for them.


A simple but effective end product.

This started life as a small flat box measuring 14.5 X 12.5 X 2.5 cms.


Cut out the centre section with a scalpel leaving a border of about 1.5 cms.


Glue all the openings closed.


Using your chosen paper, this could be wrapping paper, old book paper, magazine paper. Start to tear, not cut, strips and glue them all over the centre piece that you have cut out.


Turning this over and neatening the edges.


Next do the same with the box, but just fold and glue the paper around the back as you will be putting one bigger sheet on the back to neaten.


Make sure the front edges are neat.


Here I have used part of a whole sheet to cover the back.

Don’t you just love some of the names and dates of the roses.


Box made ready for the butterflies.


For the butterflies I found a sheet of wrapping paper.

Carefully cut out 3 butterflies and gently fold up the wings to give them some shape.


Align the butterflies and glue.


Glue the card into the box and hay presto you have a butterfly box.

The box on the left has been wiped over with a damp tea bag at the point prior to placing butterflies, the one on the right is untouched.

Here are a few more things that I have done with old books and card.



 I hope this inspires you to look at old books in a different way, and I hope it gets your creative juices working….




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3 responses to “Butterfly Boxes ..Tutorial

  1. I have seen several things made from old books recently, Sue – certainly something I would like to have a go at. Can you recommend a book with various basic ideas in, or did you source them from the internet? Sorry, assuming (perhaps wrongly) that they weren’t all from your own head – apologies if they were 😉


    • Hi, two books have inspired me although I have more….these are’The Repurposed Library ‘ by Lisa Occhipinti…and ‘Papercrafting in no time’…..by Clare Youngs…the second book is a great book for the girlies to use as it’s easy to follow and up their street for ideas…the first is a bit more artful if you know what I mean…


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