New Blood.

After seeing the beautiful Auricula grown by ‘Loudhailer’, I was smitten.

I already grow many many Auricula but there is always room for more.

And new blood is good for adding variety.

‘Loudhailer’ recommended a good nursery Drointon Auricula .

I ordered 9 plants last Wednesday and they arrived this morning.


All the plants were perfectly packed and fresh.




All potted up and ready to go.

Thank you Loudhailer for your recommendation. The service and plants are excellent.



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18 responses to “New Blood.

  1. Gorgeous. Do you by chance know what zones they can live in? I looked at a couple of sites and couldn’t find the zone noted.


  2. Lovely. I hope you will show us when they are in bloom. Are they show Auriculas? I always liked the idea of an Auricula theatre.


  3. Not heard of Auricula before. What kind of plant is it?


  4. They look really promising – and it’s something I have wondered about before. Perhaps when I run out of room for witch hazels….. 😉 I like using a ladder for pots too – and yours looks great with the auriculas! Is that Calke you are off to again?


  5. diversifolius

    Very good looking auriculas!


  6. Thank you! Ah yes, always room for one more! 🙂


  7. Reblogged this on The Auricula Suite and commented:
    From Sewing Room to Potting Shed – a lovely blog, have a peep…


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