Should it go or should it stay ?

                          Today’ surprise. But does it go or does it stay?


         With all the innocence it could muster, a delicate looking plant with equally delicate flowers and perfect heart shaped leaves.


                                                  Eomecon Chionantha.      Snow Poppy.

    I’ve waited 18 months for this to flower and I love it, but it will have to stay in a pot. I dare not let this one loose. So, do I give myself yet another chore for the winter, or find another willing recipient for it who might have acres to cover?



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19 responses to “Should it go or should it stay ?

  1. Keep it! How could you bear to part with it? It is absolutely beautiful.


  2. Keep the plant – it is beautiful, but collect the seeds and give those away, or scatter in a wildlife garden


  3. diversifolius

    It should stay….in a pot! (mine, which was in a pot, died peacefully this winter (probably when we had -30 C).


  4. It looks just like a cistus, it doesn’t sound so invasive on the sites I’ve looked at, does it have a long flowering period, does it need a lot of water?


    • Some sites say that dry shade keeps it in more check, but I am not going to even go there. I have had lots of plants given me over the years that folk have said ,oh it won’t run, now I am fighting with these.So in a big pot it will stay and look beautiful. It should flower from late spring to early autumn, but it must depend on the weather.Hope this helps.


  5. Are you implying it could be rampant, Sue?! 😉


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