Cannot see the wood for the trees.

And yet another VERY rainy day, no gardening just a very wet walk round. So here is a view from my bedroom window, now showing only 3/4s of the garden as everything has gone berserk. We seem to have a huge overlap of plants in the garden, still have tulips and bluebells (the horrid Spanish type I’m afraid ) and now have roses and wisteria. Altogether a very confusing mix.


Still there is not a lot of bare soil around the plants so hopefully not too many weeds.

On a different note, a couple of folk couldn’t understand how my plant supports work. Simple really, place in amongst the plant and twist.


 This gathers up all the wayward stems.


I really like the rusty finish, blends in quite well.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a little kinder as I have some friends coming to see the garden….they may need their wellies…but we can always retreat to the conservatory for tea/coffee and cake…….




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12 responses to “Cannot see the wood for the trees.

  1. Your garden looks lovely and how nice to have it watered for you and all you have to do is wander about and enjoy it.
    I think that your plant supports are great.


  2. Thanks for showing the plant support in use – simple, as you said. And thanks for showing the upstairs view – it’s such a different perspective from ground level. What’s the sculpture thing in the central foreground? And again no rain for us today, despite the forecast. Very strange…


  3. Love your plant supports – rust and all – adds character. We had a gorgeous, sunny, 70’s day here but we’re back into the 50’s all week with chance of rain every day. Oh well – I’ll be gardening between the storms.


  4. Neat plant supports. You’re garden is looking very verdant. Are the Spanish bluebells so horrible? I hope not because I planted a patch of them last fall and I am waiting for them to bloom.


    • Well here in UK we have English Bluebells, beautiful delicate blooms that cloak the woodland floors. But with the introduction of Spanish Bluebells we are now getting hybrids..which could trigger the demise of the native one. The S/ bluebell is a looker but ……


  5. diversifolius

    Thanks for showing how the plant supports work, a simple solution but very effective and they really blend in nicely.


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