Blooming rain….Vase on a Monday.

   This is my contribution to Cathy’s  Vase on a Monday  post. Cathy from Rambling in the Garden.

   It’s roses for me.

    We had dinner with my sister Jen and her husband yesterday and this was my table centre, hope it qualifies.


  Roses include …Buff Beauty, Tour de Malakoff, Sweet Juliet, Belle de Crecy and Moonlight.


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11 responses to “Blooming rain….Vase on a Monday.

  1. What could be lovelier than a vase full of roses? And you have some beauties. I had to give up on the sumptuous Tour de Malakoff because it was a martyr to blackspot. Do you find it to be a problem?
    I love your Pelargoniums in the background, what an impressive display.


  2. Mary

    Lovely display of your garden roses. Mine not open yet.
    Sitting in the sun thinking of you both.
    Mary x


  3. I envy you your roses, just lovely!


  4. How lovely to be using roses in your vase, Sue! Did you try and pick those with longer stems? I hope to cut some of mine soon but realise that long straight stems are only on shop bought roses!! The very dark pink one is a gorgeous colour – which rose is that? Thank you for joining in with the vase meme – oh, and how do you tease a rose? Tickle it under the chin? Tell it a joke?


    • No long stems, I think roses look more natural with short stems, more posy like.
      The dark rose is Belle de Crecy, an old shrub rose, once flowering with a great perfume.
      Tickling, well you must have tickled a rose surely !!!!


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