Rain Rain go Away….

        After three long drizzly mizzly days we have at last got a bit of a respite.

        In between the showers I did manage to capture some tiny highlights.



          Cotinus ‘Notcutt’s’ variety. More rain than leaf.



     My rusty box of nails along with it’s soft mossy ‘flowers’ keeps on giving…



    …….even the Cup Lichen looks like Crystal Balls…..



     …and all the while Imogen is saying ‘can I blow them away now.’….



   ……the girls favourite plant Stipa Tenuifolia ….might be common, but it’s safe in a large pot, sat in an old chimney where the girls spend ages plaiting and brushing it’s ‘hair’. Rain drops looking more like diamonds.



      Fairy Leaves or as we older folk know Alchemilla Mollis. Another fairytale plant. I’ve just given my son a plant to put in the girls ‘Fairy Garden’ to go with the little Fairy House he made over a tree root at the bottom of their garden. Looking alittle rain splattered but hey…


      …he’s a clever Daddy…..







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7 responses to “Rain Rain go Away….

  1. Clever photographs – thank you


  2. Beautiful photos. I hope you are getting more sun now.


  3. diversifolius

    Super-charming Fairy house!


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