When will it end…

Well it’s raining yet again.

I’ve got ‘Bud Drop’ on the sweetpeas, the roses are ‘Balling’ and the poppys are soggy.

At least someone managed to keep dry.


Mrs Toad with her house mate the snail….all nice and dry under an old broken clay pot.


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14 responses to “When will it end…

  1. I have it on very good authority it will be better tomorrow 🙂


  2. aw, that’s sweet. I love toads and frogs.


  3. We had a gorgeous Sun/Mon/Tues but it’s raining today and tomorrow. Love your toad. 🙂


  4. Sorry your weather has been so foul, I do hope it improves for you soon.


  5. Wet here today as well, Sue, and I have found some very brazen slugs tonight which were definitely NOT sheltering in an empty pot….. I have not come across ‘bud drop’ on sweet peas before – what causes that?


  6. I left a comment here yesterday that went into a black hole.
    I love your toad. No rain today but this wind is even more destructive.
    I’ d rather rain because then at least the garden would get watered.


  7. Yes, when will it stop raining!? It’s been fine here this evening so I do hope it continues into tomorrow….


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