Garden Trail.

It is our local Garden Trail this weekend unfortunately we are not joining this year. We decided to have a year off to do some long overdue major pruning. When I say pruning, I mean branches off wayward trees and out of hand roses. All will be fine for next year. But what this does mean is that IF the weather stays fine, we will be going round the other gardens as visitors. I may post pictures later.

In the mean time here are a few pictures of irises in the garden.


    Iris Sibirica ‘Nottingham Lace’ with Papaver rupifragum ( Plant World Seeds ). And no the colourway was no accident, it was planned and I love it.


   Iris chrysographes….not as dark as I would like. This iris always disappoints as there is always only one flower per stem.


   Iris Holden Clough. I love the colour of this, it flowers along side Hemerocallis ‘Corky’ as they have similar colours and like the same slightly moist situation, flowering along the rill.


  Pacific Coast Iris ‘Banbury Gem’. Not a particular favourite but it was given to me by a very nice lady who helped and inspired me when I was first starting to garden after the children had grown up. So I will always keep it as a memory.


   Iris ‘Ellenbank Damselfly’…..along with ‘Nottingham Lace’ these were purchased from Elizabeth MacGregor in 2006, both have made fantastic plants, now with enough to share.

  Enjoy your weekend wherever you live, be it sunny or rainy……









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8 responses to “Garden Trail.

  1. Have fun visiting other gardens, I don’t do it nearly enough and I always come home feeling inspired. Our Iris chrysographes was grown from seed and is very light in colour, I try not to be disappointed every year! Look forward to the pictures.


  2. Your plants are gorgeous. There is something relaxing about visiting other gardens and some ideas always goes home with you. 🙂


  3. Lovely irises, I saw Holden Clough the other day and wondered what what it was. I think I will have to track one down, its gorgeous.


  4. Intriguing to have an iris called ‘Nottingham Lace’! Hope you have visited lots of lovely gardens this weekend, Sue!


    • We had a lovely afternoon thanks.
      ‘Nottingham Lace’ I know I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, it was a must. I have a rose ‘Highgrove’, well that’s the name of our avenue. !! ‘Blushing Lucy’ for my not so blushing daughter……I could go on .


      • Oh and I would do the same, Sue, given the right names, although I do have a hemerocallis called Cathy’s Sunset (Sunrise?) 😉


  5. Lovely Irises, the blue in the first image is striking esoecially with its companion.


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