Garden Trail Review.

After a very shaky start weather wise, we finally got to go around the gardens today. Saturday started off very poor, with very heavy downpours only drying up around 2-00. I did feel for the participants as there is so much hard work that goes in to getting everything ready.We did however have a nice treat on Saturday as our friends who opened their garden Saturday asked us round for drinks after they closed.This was a very civilized end to what could have been a disastrous afternoon. 


    Jills ‘Living Arbor’ just right for a rest .

 We woke up today to glorious sunshine, warm with a slight breeze, perfect to walk around some of the gardens open. Fourteen gardens took part and we walked to seven of them.


    We took another walk to our hosts last night to take more photos. Jills lovely summer house filled with lots of family memento.


      Onopordum acanthium with Verbena Bonariensis…..and a perfect lawn.


   On to another garden up the road.

   My favourite small tree, grown in a pot. Cersis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’. I have to say this was my plant of the day. One day I will have one but something will have to go to accommodate it. I could not keep one in a pot however nice this looked.


    Now my favourite garden of the day. This cottage is one of the oldest in that area, and the garden sat perfectly around it. It had everything a cottage garden should have, flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit all grown in a mouthwatering jumble. Connie the lady who lives here is well into her 70s, does all this on her own and still finds time to volunteer as a gardener at our local National Trust House. Hats off to you Connie, you are a star.




   Connies perfect Cottage Garden.

  The rest of the gardens we visited were fine, but no photos.

We did have a lovely afternoon tea in a large lawned garden which was two houses from the local pub. While we were having our tea we could hear a local band playing folk songs. A perfect end to a perfect walk around our local gardens.





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6 responses to “Garden Trail Review.

  1. What a lovely way to spend a gorgeous Sunday in June; garden visiting.


  2. Sounds like it all ended up well, love Connie’s garden!


  3. Thanks for sharing your lovely day, I have to admit that garden visiting is something I miss.


  4. diversifolius

    Nice activity for the weekend – the Forest Pansy really deserves a spot in the garden.


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