Vase on a Monday.

        My first sweetpeas, now growing well after suffering from bud drop earlier this month.


            Sweetpea Ethel Grace.

Shown for ‘Vase on a Monday ‘ with Cathy from Rambling in the garden.



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11 responses to “Vase on a Monday.

  1. So pretty it could be a still life.


  2. Jenny

    This is absolutely beautiful, it is crying out to be painted in watercolour!


  3. I LOVE sweet peas. On my grandparents’ farm, they grew as perennials along the chicken coop run, and I could pick as many and as often as I wanted. Whenever I see them, I smile. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful.


    • Thanks, I grew them 11 years ago on our allotment for my son and his wife’s wedding. I filled 3 large buckets with them and took them to wedding venue and arranged them everywhere. The perfume was amazing and all the ladies took them home after. ….very memorable.


  4. Lovely. They are such a delicate colour. Did you sow them in the Autumn? Mine are nowhere near ready.
    Do you get much trouble with pollen beetle?


    • Yes I always sow in autumn outside in pots and protect from mice…I always take the tendrils off …and grow them up strings one per string….pollen beetle is a problem but an old chap on the allotment told me to pick the flowers and leave them in water over night in the shed and all the beetles will fly to the window for the light and they should be alot better…..did try this and it did work to a degree.


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