Bye Bye Playhouse.

Having granddaughters opened up another dimension to the garden. When Megan was small we made her a playhouse, then Imogen came along and the two sisters played in and around the playhouse lots. But even though we thought that they would use it for longer, they both decided that they were too big for it. So with a heavy heart Mr Malc has taken it down, the window boxes have gone home with girls and we are now left with a dilemma as to know what to do with this area now.

I do have a vague idea along with the other two beds,of creating a potager, adding a few of the more unusual fruit and veg. As I have said before This area has always been difficult but crack it we will.


As a post script ….has anyone else found that WordPress has changed it’s New Post format, I am finding it very confusing as it doesn’t seem that you can preview before you post……HELP.



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13 responses to “Bye Bye Playhouse.

  1. Malcolm

    doesn’t seem that long since I built it!….


  2. Ah, the computer age – there is no going back I’m sorry to say. Cute little playhouse too bad you don’t know someone with toddlers to let it be used some more. I just went to WordPress and tried a ‘new’ post, hit ‘save’ and I had a ‘preview’ option at the top. That would be disastrous to not be able to preview because I correct and correct. 🙂


    • We thought about that but as it was built in situ we couldn’t get it over the back gate without dismantling totally….so as some of the wood was beginning to rot it went to the local tip….sad end…
      Written a reply about the ‘Post ‘thing on Cathys page for you as well……


  3. The end of an era – but on the plus side you have a whole spare bit of garden to plan for and fill 🙂 I didn’t have a problem previewing my post yesterday – and there different ways of getting into the ‘add new post’ option. I always preview to check the size and layout of pictures so as Judy says it would be disastrous if we lost that option!


    • when I click on new post I get a whirling icon saying ‘beep beep boop’ then after a short while in goes into a different ‘new post ‘page ,totally different from the original. Down the right hand side there is a list of things you can do such as ‘post’ ‘tag’ etc, but NO preview……really don’t like it .
      For Judy as well.


      • Ah, well I post this way: hover over the little gravatar next to the magnifying glass at the top right of your page, move the mouse down and hover over the name of your blog, then move the mouse to the left and click on ‘new post’. You see the post basically as it will be when you are writing it – and you can definitely preview it this way!


  4. Lots of bittersweet moments as kids get older. I recall with mine I was always looking back fondly on the last stage of development.


  5. This is the stuff of childhood dreams for me, I saw one recently at an NGS garden I visited, just wonderful. A flower border would also look nice in that spot.


  6. My new post window still has preview maybe it depends what style you’ve chosen?


    • does it actually say ‘preview’ or is there something else first…..also when I upload photos can I upload one then put text then another photo etc….or as I have done , put them all in at the end as a gallery….I’m getting too old for so much change.


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