For my Vase on a Monday I have used some hydrangea that got damaged while we were taking down the playhouse.

I like the immature florets and the different shades of blue and cream. I didn’t think that they would hold up for long, but these seem to be doing alright.

I have also been looking at several more hydrangea around the garden and they are making quite an impact already.



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12 responses to “Hydrangea.

  1. I’ve never met a Hydrangea that I didn’t love. No exception here – all gorgeous.


  2. They make such beautiful cut flowers, so fresh and vibrant!


  3. The blue and green Hydrangea and the frothy Alchemilla mollis- a perfect match.


  4. A lovely fresh looking vase, I am slowly warming to the idea of planting some hydrangea in pots on the terrace; there was never enough shade for them before the wisteria grew but I think they might do well, except for the amount of water they need. They look lovely as a cut flower and dried in winter too of course.


    • I really wouldn’t be without them, just mentally counted up how many I have …15…that’s not all different as I take cuttings of those I like especially the white as they lighten up a dark corner.


  5. I found some broken pieces on friday and they were broken on thursday, then as I was clearing up on saturday I found another piece. looking at them today (tuesday ) the thursday ones are still firm , so that means around 4/5 days…….hope this helps…..Miranda is sitting amongst other shrubs on the front garden …forgot to take photos of her….


  6. just had a thought do you mean ‘Annabel’ or ‘Miranda’…My M is not on the front it’s A, which tends to be a bit softer anyway than the normal hydrangea…:-)


  7. Beautiful!! I love hydrangeas, mine have done very well this year! I enjoyed visiting your site, lovely pictures! check out my site sometime, here are a couple like, my Hydrangeas and recent post, Plant Exchange



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