Unwanted Egg Layers.

So where are these two going to lay their eggs……I will know in a few weeks…..

cabbage whites

cabbage whites

So many plants are being attacked by different creatures this year. I have had sawfly on the roses, the usual problems with solomons seal, small holes in the lawn and bigger holes in the garden.

But the best thing is, we have had at least 7 or 8 different nests in the garden this year. Ranging from blackbirds to blackcaps. So at least there is food enough for all the young.


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6 responses to “Unwanted Egg Layers.

  1. It is all about balance isn’t it? We don’t mind sharing a little, but please don’t take it all! πŸ™‚


  2. It has been a shocking year for bugs hasn’t it? Unfortunately the birds have not seen off all the capsid bugs and vine weevils, but there’s not been a lily beetle in sight since April. As for snails, I have given up…..there must be a use I can put them to, other than as a missile?


    • I’m afraid I have to treat pots for vine weevil, as I have too many auricula and I am not growing them as a food source. I also use snails as a missile, but I’ve been told they come back….oh well….


  3. The butterflies are beautiful, despite the damage their offspring might do! But sawfly on roses? That’s different – although Christine at Croft Garden told me last year that there are different sawfly for different plants. Sawfly on my Solomons Seal, but not on the gooseberries, which is ironic as there were no gooseberries either due to mildew πŸ˜‰


  4. We didn’ t get enough frost to kill off all the bugs this year. But as you say this is good for the birds.


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