You take your choice…. Roses or Sweetpeas.

For a ‘Vase on Monday’ I have had several changes of heart. I couldn’t decide what to choose, so you have two today.

The first I picked last night as it is the last rose of ‘ Young Lycidas’ ,a David Austin rose. I knew it wouldn’t last long.


Young Lycidas

My second vase contains more sweetpeas, they are just flowering their socks off.IMG_5180

Somethings do like the rain…sweetpeas, and some definitely don’t….roses. 



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18 responses to “You take your choice…. Roses or Sweetpeas.

  1. The rose looks perfect in its individual stem vase, but the sweet peas are my favourites, I’ve never been very successful with them but then even when I was living in the UK I always had very free draining soil.


  2. They are both beautiful but the sweat peas are dear to my heart (childhood memories on my grandparents’ farm) so I’m partial to them. 🙂


  3. Don’t roses like the rain?


  4. They are both lovely. The sweet peas are a gorgeous colour.


  5. Love the sweet peas. My stepdad used always to grow them in his veg patch 🙂


    • Funny how sweetpeas are usually the plant that we remember from childhood….mine would be pot marigolds…we always had some for the nature table at school from my gran…just to rub the leaves and I am back with her and sewing….. 🙂


  6. It would be roses every time for me.


  7. Bet they smell good too. D


  8. The roses are beautiful and fragrant but the sweet peas are also beautiful and a favorite!


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