Pelargonium Sidoides

       Look what opened it’s tiny petals this morning…..        


       .Pelargonium Sidoides

             Pelargonium Sidoides

   First collected by Swedish botanist Thunberg in 1772, but never became popular until the 1970’s. Now the most popular in our collection. (words by Micheal Loftus ‘Woottens of Wenhaston’ from The Book of Pelargoniums 2006/7) . I now understand that Micheal Loftus died in 2012, a sad loss.

The nursery lives on under the guidance of his wife, daughters and many staff who worked for him.

Long may it continue to flourish…….


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11 responses to “Pelargonium Sidoides

  1. It’ s a beauty. I’ ve loved and lost this one. Michael loved Pelargoniums and he sold some gorgeous ones, including the stunning Pelargonium ‘Ardens’. I bought this from Michael years ago but lost it. It is extremely difficult to propagate. He found it almost impossible himself. One day I shall try again with Ardens and your lovely Sidoides.


    • I also love ‘Ardens’ and it’s on one of many wish lists….I find Sidoides a little difficult to propagate, some years I manage a couple …..Hope you don’t mind me saying about ML’ s death, I eventually found an obituary in the Telegraph about him . I just felt I needed to know more about this passionate man. 🙂


  2. I have recently bought a few pelargoniums, a wonderful lemon sherbert scented leaved one (my colleagues choice) and this one (my choice). I adore it! I wondered about propagating it and keep looking for cutting material but can’t see anything obvious. Very interesting what Chloris says, I will have to be especially careful with it. 🙂


  3. diversifolius

    An interesting Pelargonium – probably not hardy enough to be grown here (as usual)…


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