A Vase in Miniature

Yesterday we started the mammoth task of trying to bring under control my burgeoning garden.

In the process several shrubs climbers and plants had to go. One being the climbing rose Cecile Brunner.

This rose has the tiniest miniature H.T buds and flowers, perfectly formed. But is no more for this year.

So rescued for my ‘Vase on Monday’.


With aching ribs and arms we will now go down to the local tip to get rid of the rest of the spoil.

Enjoy your day.



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6 responses to “A Vase in Miniature

  1. So pretty, sad that it had to go.


  2. We did a ‘burgeoning garden’ review before we went away – and the Golfer has made a start on some of the trees so we shall also be making several trips to the skip! Isn’t putting our flower trimmings in a vase a great habit to get into? I had one flower on my CB for the first time this year – didn’t expect it to be so small but I see that is the norm!


  3. Phew. I am glad from the comments that poor Cecile was just cut down!


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