Mrs Toad

Every few days I get a visit from a female toad, she sits under an old broken clay plant pot. Even while I have been clearing this part of my garden she doesn’t seem put off, so while lifting some large stones I found some small snails. I thought I would get my camera and try to capture her going for one of the offending creatures.

How difficult is that…..she was so quick and I was too slow….IMG_5062

…..sitting there minding her own business…



…when suddenly a snail dropped in to say hello….



……ooops ….goodbye…..



…she got it , I missed it ……



….very contented…  thinks…..’I wonder if she will give me another ?’



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17 responses to “Mrs Toad

  1. Oh, I wish we had some toads.


  2. Love toads. I haven’t seen any this summer yet. Thank you for sharing yours. 🙂


  3. Lovely toad – big as well. I saw one in my garden last autumn (once on got into the house as well) but I haven’t seen it since. Good for yours in eating snails 🙂


  4. A very nice toad. I am impressed that you can tell the difference between Mr. and Mrs. How do you know?


  5. wow, that is a big toad! What the neck are you feeding her? We have toads too but nothing that get that huge 🙂


  6. diversifolius

    Great pictures! Toads are so useful in the garden, I would like to have one in my garden…


  7. Yes, great pictures!

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