Monday goes Vintage.

For my ‘Vase on Monday’ I have used an old enamel container. We went to a local market yesterday that was being held in an old bus shed. ‘Not The Camden Market ‘ Bartons plc .

Bartons hold lots of events throughout the year and the market although small is one I like to visit.Situated at the bottom of our avenue it makes for a nice stroll. Yesterday was no exception, perfect sunshine.

On a lovely stall selling my kind of old stuff ( the word is vintageย  today ),I saw this.IMG_5284 IMG_5285

I’m not quite sure what it was used for, even the lady on the stall wasn’t sure. Anyway it had to come home with me.

So for my Monday vase I chose hydrangea again, all from one shrub, the colours are gorgeous.IMG_5286

Hope this brightens your monday.



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11 responses to “Monday goes Vintage.

  1. You have me puzzling over the true use of the pot, maybe it was always to hold flowers. Your hydrangeas look perfect in it, and you’re right the colours are gorgeous!


  2. The hydrangeas are just right for the vase, but like Christina I have spent ages puzzling over what it could have been used for. How intriguing.


    • Right for anyone else reading this as well as you Chloris…the lady I bought it off was told that it could probably be something to boil milk in and the lid, because it has holes, is suppose to stop the pan boiling over….she was a little unsure….so when the hydrangeas have finished I think I will have to have a go….watch this space… ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. That was a brilliant idea. The flowers look perfect. Maybe Antique Roadshow will come to your area and you can find out what the container was used for! Thanks for sharing! Sally


  4. Well it certainly brightened my Tuesday, sorry late on parade!


  5. That’s a really good puzzle! The lid certainly seems to be designed to be easy to take off so the milk idea holds water (well milk). Odd that it doesn’t have any obvious ‘pourer’ though. Hmmm. It would be useful to take dahlias etc to the local show with though. Maybe its for cooking the bottom end of long asparagus spears! Nice hydrangeas too!


  6. I like the sound of this market, Sue. Oh, and I have a book on kitchenalia so I will flick through and see if I find anything similar. The hydrangeas look good against the white enamel, don’t they? Lots of comments on hydrangeas on my vase post – opinions are very divided, as you might have read!


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