New Bag

Somebody finally decided he would like a ‘Man’ bag. With new phone, sunglasses,wallet and occasional brolly, how does a man carry all these things and not have bulging pockets. Solution = make him a nice leather bag.


I found a scrap of dark brown leather left over from a previous project, all cut out now ready to go.IMG_5330


All ready for it’s first trip out……Enjoy Mr Malc….



Filed under Leather, Textiles

9 responses to “New Bag

  1. You are so clever it is almost annoying, but as you are so nice as well it isn’t. Lucky boy!


  2. Lucky man. You are very talented!

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  3. How lucky is he. I used to do a bit of work in this area so know it takes a special talent to make.

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  4. But if he decided he wanted a ‘man bag’ why does he think he will be embarrassed to be seen with it?! I am sure he is more grateful than this sounds! Excellent work by the way, Sue, as always!

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  5. I am sure that after a while he would ask you for a second one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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