August is about to finish, where has this year gone ?

It’s been a strange and difficult month, struggling with pests in the garden and the unusually changeable weather. Some parts of the garden have thrived some have positively sulked.


Last year we were picking kilos of figs but this year we have had but a handful. The tree has made far too much growth and now this needs to be addressed.


Although looking very colourful the peony ‘Mollie the Witch’ didn’t set seed, usually I get lovely fat pods of shinny black seed. Still the pink infertile pod looks pretty.


It’s not been all doom and gloom, the Eucryphia has flowered it’s socks off giving me the most sugary warm perfume as I walked past. 


Dicentra Scandens, grown from seed this year, has given me 3 plants all flowering and setting seed . This is the first time I have manged to get plants to grow and to see what the seed pods look like.


Early this year my sister in law Mary gave me a piece of her Hemerocallis ‘Court Magician’, not expecting it to flower this year I was surprised to get up one morning to find this. Quite an unusual colourway but one which will fit in nicely with maybe H ‘Gentle Shepherd’ and some low growing Dianthus…something for next year.


One plant that did sulk to start with this year is the Dahlia Purpssii, this doesn’t like too much heat or dry, so is now reaching it’s full potential, reaching 150 cms and nearly as wide covered with 8 cm single flowers that the insects love.                                                                                                                                                                         


And finally it really does pay to cut down some perennials to get a second flush of flower. This is an unknown delphinium bought off the local market, always flowers beautifully and this year I did remember to cut it down and here it is blooming again…….and my favourite market stall has to be Stones on Victoria Market Nottingham.


With permission from the family of Stones I am putting this picture on to show how colourful and stunning the stall is.



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14 responses to “August.

  1. Oh, you had me with the Dicentra Scandens. I had never seen it before so checked it out on line. Love it. Did you plant yours on an arbor or something for support?


    • Well….not knowing what expect growth wise I planted one on a fence with Akebia Quinata and this is only just starting to is on a fence with clematis and growing likewise….the third I put under a Dierama and it is amazing …it is twisting it’s way up the slender stems of host plant and flowering away merrily…so I think it needs some gentle looking but robust support to make it look natural…I am loving it.


  2. Our fig needs to be cut back too – although we have figs this year unlike last year when the wasps got to them first! I keep wondering if the roots might have broken out the big pot they were buried in – is that likely, do you think? Some really intriguing photos today, Sue – Mollie’s infertile pod is such a pretty colour and I like the look of the dahlia AND your friendly market stall…!


    • It certainly can break through a pot …they are quite vigorous as you know ..the trouble is when I prune I get loads of suckers growing.. it’s a challenge.. the infertile pod is now brown and withered…:-( ..I am going on the market today to see what I can pick up…they have an end of season sale … 🙂


  3. Your lovely Dahlia was on my list until I read further and found it didn’t like the heat; the few dahlias I have don’t seem to mind the heat as long as there is enough water, which hasn’t been a problem this year.

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    • Well the dahlia was bought from Crug plants who specialise in shady stuff…it was growing there in amongst very shady trees and shrubs…but I have it growing in about 4 or 5 parts of the garden and it does seem to like the semi to more shade…


  4. Sue, I love that Dahlia, it has gone on my list for next year, I hadn’t come across it before. Fortunately, I am only an hour or so from Crug! 😉

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  5. Your collection of flowers are beautiful and really rather exotic. I love the seed pod, it looks rather like some sea creature. As to the figs, I am waiting for the day when I can pick any fruit! Maybe next year…….

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  6. Sorry your fig harvest was disappointing. I love that Dahlia, such an unusual shape!

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