End of the day

Yesterday I spend several hours pruning the climbing rose Iceburg. This is growing on a fence between us and our lovely neighbours. Amongst this are growing several clematis and all but one I could safely cut down, the last is a spring macropetala which has stopped me in my tracks. I now need to wait until the remaining bits of the rose have lost their leaves and a Virginia creeper has given me it’s lovely colour.

So at the end of the day I was left with some lovely roses and a piece of clematis that was having it’s last growth spurt of the year.

So this is my Vase on Monday….thank you Cathy from Rambling in the Garden for hosting this theme.



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11 responses to “End of the day

  1. It’s lovely growing roses and clematis together but when it comes to pruning, it makes life more difficult. Your vase is very pretty, Iceberg is a great rose.

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  2. I think this might be my favourite of your weekly displays Sue, fresh and almost springlike.


  3. Sorry I didn’t pick this post up earlier, Sue – still playing catch up after having been away, even though it was only for a few days. If you add a link from my Monday posts, by the way, more people will find your vase if you would like a wider audience. I love the gentle simplicity of your jug – as Christina says, roses and clematis go so well together. Now that I have more clematis on the pillars in the colonnade I will need to rethink how and when I prune them – should have thought of that before!

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  4. Oh, but that is so pretty! I love it! I’d never think to vase a clematis, but that is just a stunning effect!


  5. What a beautiful clematis – looks just lovely with the rose. So nicely arranged!

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