Muck and Magic

Today I had a walk down to Mr Malc’s allotment. He’d had a load of manure delivered and had been busy digging the plot over in readiness for this, so I thought it would be good to see how it all looks.


Since taking early retirement 10 years ago Mr M has taken on the care and management of our plot, and I have to say he does a fantastic job. We are practically self sufficient in most of our vegetables and quite a lot of fruit.


This picture was taken a few weeks ago and this produce has nearly come to an end, now we are getting some lovely carrots and parsnips, the storeroom has all the onions strung up and several bags of potatoes. Two different sorts of kale are ready to use and we have been eating some lovely beetroot for the last few weeks.


The allotment earlier in the year before the onion and sweetcorn were ready.


I try to use as much of produce as I can, I hate waste, so preserving, pickling and baking are some of the things I look forward to doing. I also get a lot of pleasure from sharing the rewards.

Spicy plum sauce made from the plums in the picture above. This morning I started off a batch of raspberry jelly using raspberries from last year out of the freezer well I do need the space for more goodies….. Thank you Mr Malc…x


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11 responses to “Muck and Magic

  1. Sue, Please help this gardener across the pond to understand what an “allotment” is. How big? How do you get one? Etc.? Thanks.


    • Allotments are pieces of communal land that you rent from your town council and you are allowed to grow fruit and veg with some trees and flowers. Some councils are stricter than others on what you can grow. All are gated so usually only the tenants have keys to the gates but this is often abused and you do get trespassers now and again. Nottingham where we live has the oldest area of allotments in Britain.We actually live in a suburb so are not on these. Originally they were set aside for mill workers who lived in small gardenless houses to grow fruit and veg’. I have always found them fascinating places with some amazing characters. ..If you look on line at the ‘St Anns Allotments’ there is quite abit about the history. Hope you find it helpful… Sue


  2. It is wonderful to be (almost) self sufficient; as much as I love the garden it is the vegetables that give a deep satisfaction.

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  3. diversifolius

    Delicious! I rented a small plot this year to grow a few vegetables – nothing equals eating your own grown onion,tomato…What spices do you use for the plum sauce?


    • I use plums ,garlic, onion chopped, fresh ginger grated,soy sauce,sweet chilli sauce and muscavado sugar.. then boil altogether until thickened slightly,the quantities are trial and error they seem to vary with me but we never have a batch we don’t like…I use it hot or cold. I keep it in the fridge for about a month after opening and about 3/4 months unopened. As there is no vinegar as such, it’s not preserved like chutney. But there is always someone who would like a jar….Try making a a small amount first…. 🙂


      • diversifolius

        Thanks – that’s new for me! I only do a bit of plum jam with sugar and clove, cinnamon and rum flavour – used as a sweet treat but I will definitely try yours later in the fall.

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  4. Oh Sue, a great team indeed! The allotment looks wonderful – how much time does Mr Malc spend on it?


    • He goes most mornings, the allotment is only down the road 5 mins away. I don’t go as it’s his domain and I would probably want to do things differently……so it’s good for both of us…


  5. alison

    How lovely for both of you – a wonderful team as everyone says. The allotment looks idyllic in the sunshine. Thank you for the plum sauce ‘recipe’.

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