Make-up Pouch Tutotial …Part 2

So now you have a lovely piece of fabric created by you. You won’t find another like it, it is unique to you.

After pressing the fabric and choosing a lining, finding an old recycled zip to use, I have trimmed the patchwork to a rectangle shape. Then cutting it down the middle I have now got 2 pieces measuring approx’ 25 x18 cms, cut 2 pieces for the lining the same size. When choosing the zip find one that is the same length as your longest edge, cutting to size if it is too big.


Lay the zip along the long side and stitch using zipper foot, starting and ending 1 cm in from the start and finishing 1cm before the end.


Do the same to the other side of the zip,attaching to the other piece of patchwork.



Finishing 1cm before the end.


Now sandwich the lining to the seams you have just finished.


You now have a completed zip. Do not worry about the ends of the zip all will become clear later.


With the patchwork pieces R/S to R/S and likewise the lining, pin the seam all the way around, leaving a 6 cm gap for turning at the bottom of the lining.


* Slightly undo the zip before you start stitching or you will find that once stitched it is nigh-on impossible to get the zip open, believe me I’ve done it..! *

Start to stitch the seam at the start of the lining, tucking the ends of the zip towards the lining,finishing as close as you can get to the zip, do not stitch over the zip.


Carry on around the bag,stopping and starting before and after the zip.


To make a really nice professional looking bottom to the bag, we need to square the bottom off. Opening out the corners of the bag bottom and matching the side seam with the bottom seam, pin and mark 6 cms across. Do this to all 4 corners before you start to stitch.


Stitch and trim seam allowance. Turn the bag through the gap in the lining. Press the gap seam to neaten. Making sure all the points on the corners are poked through neatly too, hand stitch or machine the gap closed. Now you will find that the zip ends have sat in nicely. Steam press around the top where the zip is, covering the fabric with a cloth if using a plastic  zip.


And there you have it …one make-up pouch…made from scraps of fabric and a little imagination.

I have been using this cheats patchwork for quite a few years now, the first time it was for a college piece (a very mature student). I made a bodice / basque for a project. Using lots of sheer fabric, a bit of glitter, silk and lace I did exactly the same technique with hand and machine stitching and burning some of the fabric back with a hot gun. This made for a very individual piece.


I hope this will inspire some of you crafters to look at scraps of fabric that you would other wise throw away to think again and create something that is very personal to you….



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6 responses to “Make-up Pouch Tutotial …Part 2

  1. diversifolius

    Please keep going with these tutorials, they are very useful; and to abuse your advise, I would need ideas about what I could do with pieces of thicker fabrics (I have a few old clothes that I don’t throw away because they were made by my mom, on the other hand they take too much space in the closet).


    • I will have a think…I use to have a workshop class until my health let me down a bit… and we did rag rugs, also layering fabrics ,stitching and slashing the fabric to make a new fabric which was made into cushion covers…also cutting shapes from the patterns on fabric and appliqueing them to a backing and brushing to give a distressed look…I have used this last one one a skirt with great effect…. I can go on… 🙂


  2. Great tutorials Sue – and I loved seeing the bodice you made. Lots of ideas there – thanks!

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