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Room with a view


I never thought that I would grow grasses here in my garden as I always thought they would look out of place with the abundant cottagey theme. But a few years ago I bought this grass Molinia Arundinacea Bergfreund. Still a bit apprehensive about putting it in the ground I kept it in a pot. I just thought all grasses were going to take over, run or seed every where. Now I am glad I have finally given it a home, I may have to keep an eye on it but sitting where it is I think it looks quite splendid, especially when the sun catches it.

I don’t think I’m quite hooked on grasses yet I don’t think I have the room but I will enjoy this one until someone tells me it’s going to go everywhere. Is there anything in your garden that you wish you had never put in ? I could write a book about such plants……



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On Friday I took a final walk around the garden for October 2014. I was pleasantly surprised to find several plants flowering out of season.


Now both of these blooms just shouldn’t be doing this, Camellia Nobilissima and a large flowered clematis in October !

The camellia usually flowers, if I’m lucky, around Christmas time provided the frost doesn’t get it first. The clematis, well that’s an early summer flowering type.


The drying heads of Hydrangea and Clematis Alba Luxurians. Now I did cut the clematis down at the end of it’s usual flowering time, but it just seems to be going on and on.


And my favourite an unnamed Auricula looking perfect in the autumn sun. There are several more pots with buds showing.


Now all of the Astrantia seem to be enjoying this weather as well. Roma along with Shaggy Florence and Venice are all giving me cut flowers.


The Dahlia Purpusii has made an enormous amount of growth this year. During the spring I took more cuttings and have four more plants growing, all equally as prolific.

The only thing to do is enjoy the display while you can, it surely can’t last for too much longer…….


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