Room with a view


I never thought that I would grow grasses here in my garden as I always thought they would look out of place with the abundant cottagey theme. But a few years ago I bought this grass Molinia Arundinacea Bergfreund. Still a bit apprehensive about putting it in the ground I kept it in a pot. I just thought all grasses were going to take over, run or seed every where. Now I am glad I have finally given it a home, I may have to keep an eye on it but sitting where it is I think it looks quite splendid, especially when the sun catches it.

I don’t think I’m quite hooked on grasses yet I don’t think I have the room but I will enjoy this one until someone tells me it’s going to go everywhere. Is there anything in your garden that you wish you had never put in ? I could write a book about such plants……


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14 responses to “Room with a view

  1. I love this grass, but I love all grasses. Lovely Panicum and Miscanthus and Stipa gigantea or the crazy swirly Stipa barbata. Or a bronze Carex or lovely red Uncinia and what about Pennisetum with its gorgeous fluffy seedheads?
    More than anything I have planted, I regret the things the previous owner planted in this garden. What misguided idiot plants Snowberries (Symphoricarpus ) in the garden and Viburnum tinus , Mahonias and hollies absolutely everywhere? Not to mention Vinca and Alkanet. Oh, and Spanish bluebells. Who in their right mind plants Spanish bluebells?


  2. I have several grasses, and they do spread. And, they take a lot of work to move or get rid of. LOL As they get bigger, it takes a bit of work to also trim them. They are beautiful swaying in the breeze though. 🙂


  3. diversifolius

    True that some grasses are dangerous, but just for the sunset backlit effect in late fall it’s worth of having at least one…;)


  4. There have been lots of plants that I wish I had not planted. Some weren’t up to their label, some I didn’t care for, some grew too large for the spot (poor place management!), and some were terribly invasive. In my one effort at an eBook, Guess What’s in My Garden!, I write about some of these plants and nominated them for the “Thug Hall of Fame.” I love muhly grass, and it hasn’t spread at all in my garden.


  5. It looks great there, Sue – lovely view. I’m with Chloris on the symphocarpus, or certainly a wild version of it which one of our neighbours thinks is wonderful but puts suckers out left right and centre – actually, he probably doesn’t think it’s wonderful, just green and fills a space. As for me, I have taken out all the variagated vinca and a certain lamium that I put in, before together they colonised the whole garden


  6. I too have vinca and lamium, they are under evergreens but do still need to be checked back regularly….


  7. I love to see grasses in a garden, they add movement in a way that no other perennials do, As to unwelcome spreading plants that will be the celandine. Not lesser enough! D.


  8. I really like grasses- especially the ‘frothy’ ones 🙂 We have a couple in our borders and the odd pot too.


  9. Oh yes, never will I plant lysimachia clethroides – gooseneck loosestrife – ever again! It was a gift – haha – from a friend, and while it is a great cut flower and dramatic in the garden, it is a monster that will take over.


  10. Your grass looks lovely and I thought exactly the same way as you did but I think I am softening my attitude and may plant one next year for the autumn interest. Amelia


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