Is it another Bag ?




No it’s a Journal….made using hessian wallpaper that was used in our first conservatory 30 + years ago and found in the loft. Lined with some found old linen fabric and the pages are 1000 grade lining paper washed with water colour paint to age them. The buckle was found in my stash box and is goodness knows how many years old. So using all old materials I have created something that perhaps looks new but feels and smells old. I am going to use this journal to record lots of textures that I find in and around the garden, using mixed media to replicate, eg hand stitching and french knots to look like moss, maybe painting, torn paper who knows  … this space, this might be a full years project.


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10 responses to “Is it another Bag ?

  1. I can’t wait to see some completed pages! What a clever, creative idea!


  2. Great result, Sue, and inspirational use of the materials


  3. Gee, I’m feeling like a slacker here. All I did today was clean my attic. 🙂 Beautiful project with a lot of meaning attached.


  4. Hi Sue, I’ve only recently discovered your blog. The journal is an exciting project. Look forward to seeing your interpretations of garden textures and more of your garden itself. Susie


  5. Sue, your creativity is awesome….inspirational.


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