Summerhouse with a View

Well yesterday was the day the summerhouse had a much needed haircut.


This is the before picture….


….and this is after some serious cutting back.


But I will really miss this view, but hey it won’t take long for it to grow back and in the mean time I will be growing lots of annual climbers to fill the space.

Also while clearing behind the summerhouse I found lots of clay pots that had been buried under several years worth of beech leaves from my neighbours lovely tree along with a family of mice. I hope the mice have now managed to find a new home hopefully not in the greenhouse. The clay pots are now all neatly tidied away.


Some of these will be going to my friend who gave me lots of small clay pots last year. Fair exchange I would say…..


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9 responses to “Summerhouse with a View

  1. Kind of like cutting the bangs – now we can see the summerhouse’s eyes! Lovely windows!


  2. Looks like you have been busy, busy, busy! Stained glass windows in your summerhouse, very posh and all those wonderful clay pots. Another good day at the office 🙂


  3. “Summer,” did you say summer? LOL We’re in the middle of a blizzard so even reading the word summer is a wonderful thing. All kidding aside, your summerhouse is lovely. 🙂


    • Thank you. It was inspired by a visit to Warwick Castle. When we looked down over the high walls of the castle we saw a private garden below us, it seemed to have lots of visitors so we investigated and found it was open to the public. There we found a wonderful old man called Mr Measure, and down his garden he had a beautiful summerhouse that literally sat on the edge of the river it was magical. I had to have one so Mr Malc built me one using lots of reclaimed materials. That was back in 1997, Mr Measure has long since died but his memory lives on. 🙂

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  4. That’s a transformation and a half, isn’t it? It can be so tempting just to tinker with the trimming to avoid the near naked in-between stage, but you know it will have been worthwhile when things grow again. Which rose it you have here?


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