Taking a break from sewing

Over the last few weeks the sewing room has taken over what with a jacket for me, some dressing up clothes for the G/daughters school Book Week and a new jacket under way for Mr Malc. I decided to have a break and sow some seeds. This I did last Saturday and several pots came up in 3 days, I didn’t think it was that warm. During the autumn I had sown sweetpeas which came up in abundance only to be grazed by mice, probably the same ones I disturbed when I tidied the back of the greenhouse. Anyway I have now moved them to the shed and they are now growing away nicely. So what follows are a few pictures of what caught my eye while walking around the garden a couple of days ago.


My sister got me this basket for my birthday last December, so I’ve filled it with plants bought from Stones on the market in Nottingham, always a first stop for good quality plants. Nothing unusual but reliable fillers.


An unnamed Hellebore, looks like the leaves are going to be interesting.


Corydalis cheilanthifolia, I really like this, it’s more accommodating than the annual thug you get. The leaves are a fresh green/grey and I don’t find it seeds all over the place.


One of the yellow Hellebores I bought last year.


And the double is flowering nicely too.


This Hellebore I grew from seed many years ago. In my daughters garden it grows to about a metre tall and is very bushy. I lost my original plant so this is a seedling from that plant. My daughters must be very sheltered as I have known it flower way before xmas in the past….any ideas…??  The unnamed hellebore at the top of my pictures could possibly be a seedling… ??


At this time of year the garden is taken over by crocus, one of the few plants that were growing in the garden when we came here back in the late 70s. They do make a lovely splash of colour once the sun comes out. So back to the sewing room I think my sewing machine will have cooled down by now……


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14 responses to “Taking a break from sewing

  1. The crocus are a delight, and love the yellow hellebore. I have one just beginning to bloom and I can’t wait to share it.


  2. It always surprises me how quickly some seeds germinate, reminding me just how wonderful nature is! Hope those mice have full tummies and don’t need your seedlings now 🙂


  3. I love the blue and yellow combination in your planter.I think the little Crocus thomasianus is such a joy and spreads so beautifully. Your hellebore looks as if it could be Helleborus sternii.


    • I sort of thought this but didn’t want to tag it and look silly if it was wrong …it must be 20 years since I got the first seeds so the catalogue may be long gone… Thanks….


  4. Beautiful plants, and your sister has great taste in birthday gifts. 🙂


  5. Your planter is very pretty. I love blue and yellow together. Spring has made it’s entrance in your neck of the woods! Hellebore has really caught my eye…..they are so pretty. Especially the double! It’s amazing! Happy Gardening!


  6. The blue and yellow is always perfect for spring, and you’re right that they are some nice plants! I wouldn’t mind a few of those crocus spreading their way around my garden, they’re beautiful!


  7. Your Hellebores are lovely. Mine are out at the moment and the bumble bees love them. Mine are mainly a dark purple that have self seeded, I don’t have any yellow ones. Amelia


  8. diversifolius

    So wonderful to have Hellebores blooming in March!


  9. Lovely to have any sort hellebore and to have them self-seeding too – can’t have too many! I wasn’t sure of the yellow ones at first but now mine are getting a bit taller I am getting to like them better… Glad Chloris could identify your unknown one.


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