Saving the best till last

I know we have all been putting hellebore on our posts for a few weeks now and we are getting a bit hellebore bored but, I do have something to share. Many years ago, could be around 30 years ago, an elderly lady gave me a hellebore plant that always grew variegated leaves, in those days I was a novice gardener and didn’t know a hellebore from my elbow. Well for all these years this plant has given me a few straggly variegated leaves and no flowers, that is until this year. Finally I have flowers that to me look quite stripey and the leaves at the back of the flowers are definitely variegated. Now is this a new type of hellebore or are you going to tell me that you have one too. I would love to know…..

IMG_6013 IMG_6015



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15 responses to “Saving the best till last

  1. That is certainly a beautiful plant and plants given to us by others are always special. Now, I have to hang my gardening head in shame and say that I do not have one hellebore in my garden. But, I’m thinking I need at least one. So, if I’m going to order one which one should I pick?


  2. That’s a first for me. Quite interesting. Aren’t we grateful for passalong plants.


  3. Mary T

    Hi Sue, wish I had one that colour. must be a new one. Keep letting mine seed and hoping to get something unusual, maybe one day.


  4. Thanks for the info … found out that I can grow these in Florida,
    Can’t wait to learn more about this flower.


  5. I don’ t think we can ever get bored with hellebores, they are all so different. This one is really unusual, I have never seen anything like it before. I think you have something special there. It’ s beautiful; not only with variegated leaves but gorgeous flowers.


  6. Well I’ve waited long enough for this and I wasn’t disappointed … 🙂


  7. It is beautiful. They self seed very readily so perhaps you have a new variety there. Amelia


  8. So beautiful! I don’t have any Hellebore but have researched and go back and forth about whether they bloom too early for me….they are so lovely though…..Hmmm….


  9. Beautiful bloom and the foliage is even more interesting. I’m far from being hellebored so feel free to keep posting. It will still be a few weeks until they bloom here….


  10. More lovelies! I saw some variegated ones at an open garden once and I was given a seedlling but it didn’t develop, sadly – I think it was Pacific Frost… Never seen it anywhere else but I have googled as I write this and it is a known variety


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