Top of the Ladder

It’s been a brilliant year for the Auricula. Out of approx 150 plants, not all different , I think 80% have flowered.


Top of the ladder.

Auricula Joanne

Auricula Joanne

Lord Saye en Sele

Lord Saye en Sele


Arundle Stripe

250 pixel image 1832

One of three Auricula ladders. The fun starts when I replace all of these with Pelargonium for the summer.



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17 responses to “Top of the Ladder

  1. I love this display Sue, all beautiful!


  2. diversifolius

    They are all so beautiful! I will start growing some next year.


  3. Auriculas are like a paint box of colours, aren’t they? I have about 30 plants – mostly un-named borders (I give them names so I know which are which when they’re not in flower).
    Looking forward to seeing the Pellies!


    • Thank you Celia..I also name some of mine as quite a lot are my seedlings, my granddaughters like naming them too but we end up with silly names which is quite cute really…


  4. I adore auriculas, what a fabulous collection you have. I am going to look out for an old step ladder, they make a wonderful Auricula ‘theatre.’


    • They do, and the ladder in the picture is a victorian one that was being thrown out at my son in laws place of work. He knows me well. Sadly this ladder is now beginning to rot badly but I am always on the look out for replacements.


  5. lovely plants and a wonderful display 🙂


  6. Lovely idea for vertical gardening!


  7. I lone Auriculas and your display is stunning


  8. I’m a little late but just wanted to say that’s quite a fantastic display! Beautiful colors and they look very happy and well grown.
    I have a few seedlings coming along but have absolutely no faith in them making it through the heat and humidity of our summer…


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