Is Beauty Only Skin Deep ?

This year due to some quirk of nature, I have all of my Peonys in flower. This has never happened before. So we were obviously going to get some extreme weather conditions as these gorgeous blooms don’t take much to make them look like tattered tired bridesmaids after a wedding reception. Sure enough we have had sudden sharp down pours and some extremely gusty winds.


I was given a piece of this peony about 20 years ago by an old school friend, she told me it was Sarah Bernhardt. It does well here but I am not sure of the true identity but Sarah she will stay until I am told otherwise.

Now the reason for putting this on a post is because of the two following pictures.

IMG_0600 IMG_0599

I found these after the strong winds the other day. They are the calyx on the peony, and how beautiful are they ?

Just the remnants of an already stunning flower to be left with these…wow

Now I have other peony in the garden but none of them have the same calyx.

I wonder how long these will last in water ?



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6 responses to “Is Beauty Only Skin Deep ?

  1. This is the first year several of my peonies didn’t bloom. 😦 They are some of my favorites and I’ve missed them so thanks for sharing your photos.


    • Thanks….it’s been so many years since some of mine flowered that I’d forgotten what colour they were. They never fail to amaze me. We had huge electric storm and lots of rain last night…I’m off out now to assess the damage. 😦


  2. I think you know me and peonies. I miss mine already, but you have helped with your photos.


  3. I did not realise peonies could be so fickle. I have one that has never flowered but once they start over here they flower every year, Perhaps its the warmer weather. Amelia


  4. ‘Tattered, tired bridesmaids’ is a wonderfully evocative image for these peonies. It is sad that they go over so quickly and lose their petals all at once. But your calyxes do look pretty. I don’ t think I have ever said that to anyone before.


  5. You must have sent us the weather 😦 😦


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