Busy during the Rain

What do you do on a rainy day, bake, clean, tear your hair out in frustration ? Not me I retreated to the workroom. Not had a making day for ages and with a nice piece of calico sitting begging to be used, what better than yet another bag. Oh no not another you cry, how many can a girl have ?

Well this is a sturdy one just right for carrying art materials or sewing notions when I want to work outside or on holiday, or I could just use it for shopping !



It’s good and strong with a key fob and a little detail courtesy of Sharpie permanent pens.


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4 responses to “Busy during the Rain

  1. I’m glad to see you’re having fun. Keep at it.


  2. If it rains too hard for me to continue garden, I’d be at the sewing machine too. 🙂 This is one gorgeous bag. I love it. I have been using the same purse for a couple of years because it had two such fobs attached. I put keys on one and have a small purse attached to the other. I like knowing right where the keys and the cards are. When we traveled to Europe in May, I sewed a couple more inside so I could attach a small bag with our passports and one for my camera. 🙂 Is this your own pattern?


  3. I have missed your sewing adventures, lovely!


  4. That’s the trouble with dry summers – not enough rainy days to come back in from the garden and do inside activities instead! Very professional bag there – not that we would expect anything other than professional!


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