New from Old (a spot of recycling )

A few days ago I saw a jacket in Oxfam, a lovely autumn colour and only £9-99. It had to be done. It just had one problem, the shoulders were quite droopy. I can’t make out the age of the jacket, it could be 80’s 90’s but it could also be as early as the 40’s 50′. Either way I love the shape and the colour, so a little tweaking and reshaping on the shoulders a quick de-pill and I now have a presentable jacket that will see me through the next few months.


The label on the jacket.


Jacket fits nicely apart from the shoulders.


Sleeve head out.


Trimmed and reset.


New shoulder pads and the lining to hand stitch in.


Sleeve head and shoulder looking a lot more tailored.

So for a little effort and all for under a tenner my autumn jacket is ready.


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4 responses to “New from Old (a spot of recycling )

  1. When I read your sowing posts I feel like Jekyl and Hyde. The good soul says “you are so clever, I admire you so much”. The bad one thinks “you big swot, how can you do these things without the use of witchcraft?!”. They are both compliments in their own way. x


  2. diversifolius

    The miracle of handcrafting!


  3. I am truly impressed. Great find and great job!


  4. Excellent bit of recycling Sue – well done!


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