More Recycling

As you know I am always being given odd things that I usually find a home for. For many years I have had a few  cutlery holders you know what I mean, wooden containers to go into a drawer. Well I have been using these as a means of keeping buttons tidy. That was one use, but as I had several and the buttons were being sorted and some  given away I needed to find another another use for an empty one.


After painting with some old emulsion paint mixed with artists acrylic paint I lined the inside with some wrapping paper from my stash and hey presto a neat little display shelf just right for small items. Ta Dah…..




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5 responses to “More Recycling

  1. Nice job. We have starting using the term “re-purposing.” That sound a bit presumptuous to me, but you get the idea. It must be fun to make up new words.


    • Recycling has been a ‘word’ here for a long time now. What with Charity (your Thrift ) shops everywhere on the high street, sometimes they outnumber the regular shops. I’ve been recycling since I was a child I think….maybe it was instilled in me by my Gran …(post war) Make Do and Mend etc… 🙂


  2. diversifolius

    Another great idea from you! I don’t have that many buttons 🙂 but surely there are a lot of small items around that would need a place.


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