Late Roses and Baby Birds

After three weeks getting over a virus we are pretty much back to normal. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. So energy levels nearly back to normal it’s time I had a look around the garden, we’ve had an awful lot of rain lately plus some lovely sunny days. You’d be forgiven for thinking it was spring again or early summer. I have got such a mixture of plants flowering that would normally have been over weeks ago.

The roses that seem to have missed summer this year have now decided to wake up.


Rose Blushing Lucy is now putting on a really great show, a climber that covers most of the summer house.


Rose Kitty’s Rose, bought after my lovely neighbour Kitty died, I’m sure she would have approved.


Not sure of the name of this rose so I won’t attempt to try looking it up, but a perfect shape and lots of perfume.


Rose Princess de Nassau, now this is a late rose so it’s not flowering out of season. A large shrub or small climber will take a hard prune as it flowers on new wood and not until September, a bonus I think you will agree.


Hedychium ‘Tara’ this has made a huge plant with many spikes of flowers, a welcome site in the hot borders.


It’s going to be a great year for berries, here one of many Sorbus in the garden Sorbus Villmorinii has turned a nice pale pink. Not sure how long this tree will last, it has several limbs with die back and more looking crumbly but I will enjoy it till it drops then I have a Magnolia Wilsonii waiting in the wings to replace it.


Sorbus Cashmiriana white fruit with the foliage turning bronze.


We have had two pairs of Blackbirds fledge their young this week. I can’t remember seeing young blackbirds so late in the season. They have been fighting for space in the rill, seeing who can get the best position for a bath, quite amusing.


Now I’ve not been idle while feeling under the weather, there are only so many books you can read before cabin fever sets in. Imogen my 6 year old G/daughter was rummaging on my fabric shelves when she found this material, saying it looked like a rain forest and could she have a top made out of it. Here is the finished top and one chuffed little girl went home happy.


Now when we go to the coast as you know I always pick up ‘rubbish’ from the beach, I often see these little houses in shops costing the earth.So this is my take on a seaside scene. Little cottages using found wood,old nails, slices of pencils for doors,collar studs and old earring pieces…..

I’ll try not to leave it so long before I write my next post.



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8 responses to “Late Roses and Baby Birds

  1. Sorry to hear you have been so ill. Great that there is still colour in the garden and your little seaside cottages are lovely!


  2. Glad you are getting better, the roses are lovely, and I’m sure your granddaughter will look beautiful in that lovely top. 🙂


  3. You must have been so relieved to get back out and enjoy your garden after your illness. I even miss mine when I am on holiday. I love Imogen’s top and her description of the pattern. Amelia


  4. Glad you are feeling better. Keep going…. Aren’t granddaughters something special?


  5. Glad you are on the mend. As usual all your creations are lovely, plants, sewing, crafting – you have it all covered. Why don’t you collect some sorbus seed and grow a new one? They grow quite quickly, grab a few berries before the blackbirds do!


  6. diversifolius

    Glad you’re on your feet again 🙂 The roses are stunning, as usual and so are the Sorbus trees; I wish they would grow them here too. You must keep a seedling (or two :)) Great forest rain top!


  7. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather, miserable for someone as active as you. Your roses are beautiful, it is amazing how they keep going. My Sally Holmes seems to think it is still summer.
    My goodness, you are so creative, I love those little houses.


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