Fairy Nuff

It’s that time of year again when the production line gets busy. With name cards for the Christmas table, to making and freezing puddings for the big day. As this is probably my last post before Santa comes I thought I would share a couple of things I have made recently.

The first is an air dried clay fairy for our tree, I have made these before but as they are just air dried clay they are very fragile. So that’s my excuse for another.


All the body pieces were made and left to dry before painting with acrylic paint.


This was then assembled with strong mattress twine and buttons.


Her clothes were made from some off cuts of fabric.


Her face was painted in with Sharpie Pens and the stripes on her dress more faded looking acrylic paint.


With flowers in her hair she’s not a pretty site I agree, but she sits nicely at the top of our Christmas Tree.


Another little project was for the top lamp in my workroom. I find normal lampshades cast too many shadows for me to see to work so I tend to make something seasonal just to make the light look more than just a bulb.IMG_1299

Looking a lot like a child’s mobile and made from coloured card this will tide me over until I decide what to do with it next.

Now as we are opening for three days next year not the usual two, I thought I would make a few things to sell for my charity which is to be the East Midlands Air Ambulance. A very worthy cause I hope you would agree.


So as a start I have made specs cases and pouches for either all the extra store cards that we seem to accumulate or tea bags for when you get to a friend’s and they say ‘oh we don’t drink tea’, well you will never be without with one of these. There will be a lot more ‘makes’ on offer as the dates get nearer.

So as this is probably my last post as I said, I will leave you with my front door wreath, and wish you all a Happy Peaceful Christmas and New Year.


Until 2016…..Cheers.  Sue.







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10 responses to “Fairy Nuff

  1. Cheers to you too. 🙂 Love your welcoming wreath and your craft projects. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  2. The ‘child mobile lamp’ made me smile – but such a great idea! And I wouldn’t mind a pouch for the extra packets of tea that always lay around 😉
    A Merry Christmas and best wishes for a New Great Gardening Year!


  3. Christmas revs up your creativity! I like the idea of keeping the store cards separate and a spare tea bag for people have to have a special brand of tea. Amelia


  4. The clay doll is wonderful! Timeless. Happy Christmas to you too, hope you have a great time and I look forward to your 2016 posts x


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