The list gets longer


With all this wet then frosty weather it was good to get out in the garden today, even if it was only to fill the bird feeders and check the greenhouse. On my way round I noticed that lots of Hellebore are flowering, some for the first time. I have an area behind a gate which is quite shady and moist, it contains some nondescript hellebore that have over the years seeded profusely. These I have moved around the garden in the hope that one day I might find something worth shouting about. Also I have bought in a couple of doubles so the overall effect is now beginning to show a tiny bit of a promise.IMG_0011

A yellow double bought some while ago bulking up nicely. The clay pot has nothing to do with this, it’s containing a vigorous hardy ginger, must cover the pot.


The leaves on this hellebore are what made me buy it. I have a feeling this is ‘Winter Moonbeam’

These are some of my seedlings and even the backs of the flowers are lovely.


H’ Sternii, grown from a seed. Several plants now grow around the garden.IMG_0002

A beautiful double bought a while back, this is also making a large clump.


A seedling that I am pleased with, a nice clear yellow and good strong leaves. Hopefully more plants will be opening their tight buds in the next few days and weeks.


Do you have a ‘To do list’ ? I do and it seems to get longer by the day. The trouble with me is I get side tracked when ever I start something. Take this morning as an example, I was just going to tidy the front garden as the men from the council came to trim the trees on our road and left a mountain of debris in all of the shrubs. This turned into pruning shrubs by epic proportions, I may regret this later ! Something else on my list is to make more ‘stuff’ for the open days. So these last few weeks I have made tote bags, some note books and larger books with pencils.

The books with pencils are made by making a ‘loose’ cover for a bought note book. I have hand blocked a piece of white heavy cotton fabric with a stylized flower. The small books are hand made using an old poster for the covers. The bags are madeΒ  using all donated fabric, most of which has been over printed to make each one unique. All the proceeds from all of these items and my plant sale this year will go to the East Midlands Air Ambulance. I just hope that in the months to come the garden fills out and performs well for me.

Is your garden coming back to life yet ?………



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12 responses to “The list gets longer

  1. The notebooks are lovely, as are the hellebores. Your yellow seedling is a gem πŸ™‚


  2. annedegruchy

    I love Hellebores, and yours are beautiful!


  3. Beautiful flowers, and I love the tote bags. Is there a particular pattern you follow to make them? My garden? Well, it is buried under snow, and it was -11 degrees F with a wind chill of -33 this morning. No gardening here for quite a while but I’m keeping the sewing machine busy. πŸ™‚


    • Not good about the weather over your way but I’m glad to hear that you are keeping busy. Would you like me to put a Tote bag tutorial up as a post ? Some other friends have ask me the same question about how they are made.Sue


  4. I love all your different Hellebores! I have not seen the different varieties over here so mine are not so varied. I’ve also dreamed of having a beautiful hybrid appear from my seedlings. Amelia


    • Dreams have a habit off not coming true so I’m not holding my breath. I do think though that Hellebore are such a welcome sight at this hard time of the year, even as this morning with heavy frost covering them. We have more frost tonight so the covers are going on again this afternoon in the greenhouse. Sue.

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  5. Gorgeous hellebores Sue – my double yellow has flowers that seem too heavy for the stems so they constantly flop 😦 Your makes are such a good idea for your open days


  6. Look at those hellebores! When you spoke of random seedlings and hope, I would have never suspected that thing were turning out so well! Nice job on the additional sales items, they look perfect πŸ™‚


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