It’s Official

Yes it’s official we are now in the Yellow Book, opening with the National Gardens Scheme. We will be opening for one day in May, along with two other gardens in the area. We will also carry on opening with our local trail in June.



I have to say I feel quite privileged to be asked to be in the Book , as we are a small garden with wonky paths and not a great deal of wheelchair access. Having said that I do try to involve anyone who is disabled by bringing pieces of various plants to them to smell or admire and I really love to talk plants with my visitors. It’s a passion that I love to share.

On a different note I’ve been sewing again. You may remember back in January last year I made a hessian book, it was in the post ‘Is It Another Bag’. I have at last started to fill it.

A picture inspired by the frosts that we have had lately , some spring gems and Primula veris Gold Laced. Hopefully I will have some more colourful pictures soon.

I’ve spent a lovely morning in the garden today clipping back and tidying, things are really on the move now and it will soon be time to pot up plants to sell. I have a windowsill full of seedlings in my workroom and the propagators are working overtime , these are all my new seeds so watch this space for some new and exciting arrivals . This is the best time of the year……If the sun is shinning where you are, I hope you are able to get out and enjoy it what ever you do.  Sue




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16 responses to “It’s Official

  1. Congratulations, Sue. I know that having your garden open to all will mean a lot of work for you. I wish you well.


    • Thank you John. Opening the garden has been a yearly thing for us through our local trail for about 15 or more years and this has always given me the incentive to get the garden into shape, so being asked to join the NGS is a bonus and makes all the hard work worth while. I am really looking forward to it. Sue.

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  2. Well done! If I were a bit closer I would be over.
    Those primula look so good, clever you


  3. Congratulations and well done on the book – those gold laced polys are beautiful 🙂


  4. Congratulations because that is quite an honor. 🙂


    • Thank you. It is daunting when you see all the huge gardens and estates that open, but I don’t know about you but I do love to go and see a garden that is achievable. In the way that you would say ‘Right that’s something I could do in mine’ and I love talking to people about the things I love. Must remember to take lots of pictures. Sue.


  5. Wonderful for you to share your garden. Your book is exciting.


  6. I enjoy visiting the big show gardens like Wisley in the U.K. and it must be lovely to visit home garden too and have the opportunity to talk to the owner. Unfortunately, I am never usually in the U.K. in the summer . Is it £5 per person, per garden you visit? Good luck, it must really give you incentive when people will be able to share all your hard word. Once more your handiwork is stunning. Amelia


    • Thank you Amelia, I am over whelmed by everyone’s comments, all gardeners are friendly folk so it’s a joy. The gardens are £5 for the three together, we are local to each other but one is far enough away from us to need a car. We will see how it goes as to whether we carry on next year, but we will always do our local garden trail while ever we can. Hope you are well and your garden is coming back to life. Sue.


  7. Congratulations! -and your own book is really starting to come along, what amazing work.


  8. How exciting to see it it all in print now Sue! You are being so modest about your gared though, as it is exactly the sort of garden people who love their gardens and love plants enjoy visiting – I felt so at home there. And your book is pure delight too – you have such a talent for translating ideas into practice like this


  9. Oh how lovely, hope it went well!

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    • Hi. It was fantastic, so many people, so many lovely comments and a few new friends made. We opened 3 times altogether last year. But I’ve had a break this year. We’ve been doing our local Trail for about 20 years now, but we will be back next year. Thanks for your comment Sue.

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