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The Demise of a Ladder

Friday 11 March.

Today has been a truly beautiful day, sunshine all the way. So this had to be the start of the big garden tidy. After a winter of extremely wet conditions we can finally get to work.

A sad site greeted us, my favorite Auricula ladder had all but died. Luckily I had removed the pots during the winter to save them from cracking with frost. The ladder however had taken a turn for the worse. I know it wasn’t going to last long being outside in all weathers but it was still sad all the same.This ladder was given to me by my lovely son in law, a rescue from a University skip.

The legs had crumbled and some of the steps had started to come away from the side supports, so there was only one thing for it. The legs have been shortened and is now wired to the fence down the garden where Clematis Alba Luxurians and two roses will keep it company. But… I now need another wooden ladder to replace it !!! I do have another being used for Auricula that was Mr Malc’s grandfather’s but it is too big for this space.

auricula ladder

This is the last time you will see this ladder full of Auricula. Although, this picture is now going to be published in a book about Auricula by Barnhaven Primroses in the very near future. Saved for posterity …

15 March

As for the big tidy up this was started on Sunday, the garden waste bins are full the borders are looking better. All ready for feeding and mulching…that can wait for another day.IMG_4226



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