The Forecast is Changable

Well the garden is ready for opening, all but for a sweep around the paths on Saturday afternoon weather permitting, and the putting up of two gazebos to keep my family of helpers dry. Plants labelled, greenhouse tidied nerves now calming. Tee shirts have arrived from our chosen charity so all set to go.

During the last two weekends we have visited other NGS gardens, one in constant drizzle, nothing stops an ardent gardener, the other, last Sunday in glorious sunshine. Of course I had to buy plants and enjoy a cuppa too.

Among the plants I have bought are a lovely herbaceous Clematis, C’  Recta purpurea with beautiful emerging red/purple foliage giving way later to a froth of small white flowers. This has already found a home in the bed in front of the conservatory as it will be quite a short grower. Now I need a nice support for it. Other plants include Geum Totally Tangerine and G’ Fire Storm, both of a similar colouring, one a double, both now planted up and looking fantastic along side Erysimum Orange Bedder, Heuchera Honey Rose, H’ Sweet tea and H’ Lime Marmalade. Hang on am I writing a gardening blog or a foodie blog.


Later this will have Thalictrum delavayi, Geranium a deep purple (?), a gold leafed geranium also with no label,where do all those labels go ?

And finally  I just had to post this picture…..


Couldn’t believe my eyes, I’ve had broken clay pots about the garden for ages, you may have seen the toad under one a few posts ago. But I never thought I would see a mouse, I looked under the pot a while later and I could see a tiny neat hole. It obviously couldn’t stand the rainy weather either.

So even if it rains on Sunday I’m sure my family of helpers will have a ball ….I will update after the event….. Sue






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16 responses to “The Forecast is Changable

  1. Hope the weather is bright and sunny. Have you found a good way to label plants? I’m always looking for something that will last from year to year. Thanks. 🙂


    • Hi Judy, I have recently found a good fine permanent marker. Stabilo OHPen, it comes in fine and superfine. I have used both and find the superfine brilliant and it stays put. Hope this helps. I also buy plant labels on line by the 1000. Sue.

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      • Sean

        Hi Mum, The OHP ones aren’t permanent they are for Over Head Projectors (OHP), you want a Sharpie, they are very colour fast and UV resistant.


  2. Such a cute mouse – there was one living under some wood in my garden, until it got eaten by a cat. I hope yours doesn’t suffer the same fate!

    Golden geranium sounds interesting… Happy gardening 😊


  3. I love the marmalade theme of that border. Would you like some seeds of Bupleurum longifolium ‘ Bronze Beauty’? They would look nice here.
    What a great shot of that little mouse.
    I hope you have a lovely, sunny day for your Open Day.


    • ooooh that sounds brilliant, just looked it up and the colour is perfect. The forecast is looking promising at the moment, so fingers crossed. Can I send you something in return. Sue


  4. I love to visit gardens under NGS. I hope it goes well and you enjoy the day


  5. I am sure you will enjoy your day, have a good one and soak up all the compliments! 🙂 ps wish I were closer x


  6. That IS a good perk, being able to visit other NGS gardens for free! Good to hear about your preparations – am thinking about you today and am confident it will go well and your visitors will love it. After all, remember last year’s rain! Forecast is reasonable here till late afternoon so hopefully similar for you


  7. Hope all is going well for your day today!
    What a picture of the mouse, they do put on an air of cuteness if you can get past the beady eyes!


  8. Sounds as if you were all organised for the big day. Love the mouse and the flowerpot. I think you must have been training it with breadcrumbs to get that shot. Amelia


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