Record Breakers

Wow … Who’d have thought that after all the rain we have had and did have at the weekend, that we would end up breaking our record in visitor numbers and the amount raised. Thanks to everyone who braved the elements to visit the 13 different gardens on our trail. The total raised in ticket sales was an amazing £2,233, meaning 638 people came on the trail and that’s not including children. The final total including money from teas and plants etc was £5,352. I think every one involved deserves a pat on the back.

Our weekend started rather damp and slowly, as we are half way round the trail, but then, people kept on coming, plants were selling well and I was happy chatting to lots of very happy friendly people. Sunday arrived with a deluge of rain but there were even more visitors than Saturday. All plants were flying off the table as they were now only £1 a pot. I really didn’t want to over winter too many. Our weekend finished with tea and cakes in the garden with lots of family and friends.

As per usual I am always too busy to remember to take pictures, but one of our visitors who I’d never met before sent me some and has given me permission to use them.

Here are Tonya Machin’s pictures …




I think you will agree she has captured the garden well. Thank you Tonya.

This morning we received a card in the post from a couple of women  who came on Sunday. It was their first every visit to an open garden. I just have to share what they put in the envelope

garden letter

This alone has made all the work we put into opening this year worth while, and as there were no contact details on it I will never be able to thank them.

So if ever you get to open your garden don’t hesitate, you get to meet and make friends with some brilliant people, share plants and stories and hopefully inspire others to take up this wonderful hobby called gardening….. Sue.



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13 responses to “Record Breakers

  1. It just gets better! That’s brilliant Sue – and the anonymous letter must have been a joy to receive. Hope you can have a rest for a while now 😊


  2. Well done on such a successful open day. The garden looks wonderful and I can see why people loved it so much. Your wisteria is amazing.


    • Thank you, and I think the best for me was when people came round to the back garden and stopped and said ‘wow…it was all down to the wisteria. You should see it this morning though, we had about 7 cms heavy rain yesterday in about an hour. the garden looks quite sorry now….


  3. That made me smile a great big smile! Well done, all your hard work has paid off. The card is wonderful, it is so important to praise where praise is due. Make sure you put it in a special place for when you are feeling low, you can take it out and remember what a success this weekend was. x


    • Thanks Gill I will. I really wish they had left a contact number though. I can actually remember what they looked like so you never know I may bump into them one day. And yes hard work but satisfying….If we ever get a summer this year I want to get my deck chair out and just read….!!!!

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  4. The photos are beautiful, and the results of all your hard work certainly shine through. There is nothing like getting a hand written thank you note in this day of tweets. You must have been over the moon and rightly so. 🙂


  5. Many thanks to Tony who let me see what I was missing! All your hard work was vindicated with such a result for the charities. I did manage to see two gardens in France (there was an open weekend here too) but although they were extremely interesting they were not private gardens and sadly no tea and cakes. Amelia


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