Hot and Cool

Now I know I should be happy that we have got rid of the early soggy summer but a gentle gradual ease into this hot spell would have suited me better. With temperatures soaring into the 30s this week it’s been nigh on impossible to enjoy either working or sitting in the garden.

This morning, early, I had a wander round while the trees were still giving me some respite. I managed to take some pictures that hopefully do a little justice to the plants that are managing to cope with the heat.

Here in my White Garden the plants are starting to fill out. Now the garden is filled with the perfume of Primula Florindae and because of the surrounding trees some plants are reaching skyward, the Verbena bonariensis for instance is at least 2mts tall and still growing. The Dicentra I’ve had for years, grown from seed it can reach 3 to 4 mts in a season, it gets cut down by frost only to emerge again the following spring. All the Thalictrums have done really well this year, as we have also seen in other gardens too. It’s taken me along time to become happy with this area, as you know you win some and you lose some, so trying to concentrate on those that do survive and not be too ambitious I thinkΒ  may be happier with it next year …we’ll see.

Around the seating circle I have my ‘Hot Beds’, badly named when it’s so warm. Here I have grown lots of tall perennials, surrounding the area making it a little more secluded. The tall C’ Lucifer makes a great backdrop for all the various coloured foliage here, which includes Canna ‘Cleopatra’ sporting black and green striped leaves, the round jagged foliage of Ligularia hiding their red undersides. The Lychnis this year making a spectacular show, L’ Cognata looks illuminated amongst the leaves of a golden form of our native meadow sweet,Filipendula ulmaria and L’ Lipstick has the biggest flowers I’ve seen on a Lychnis. This space has lots more to come, planted for all year colour as we sit out here as often as possible even on mild days in winter.

With the school holidays upon us we will be spending one day a week entertaining our g/daughters, this should include trips out to parks and gardens along side visits to Grampsie’s allotment to pick the abundant produce he has been growing. This also includes climbing the apple tree to check if the apples are ripe. Then hopefully going home with a bag full of fresh produce……Happy holidays …Sue


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14 responses to “Hot and Cool

  1. What lovely plants! the lychnis are wonderful but I was especially taken with the thalictrum – the buds are adorable – and the white galega which is just so refreshing on a hot day!


    • Thanks..If the seed sets on the thalictrum do you want some ? I got my original plant from Elizabeth Macgregor Plants. Do you like the Crug thalictrum, it’s only about 50 cms tall very stiff deep purple stems tiny flowers. As yet never had seed off this. I have a thing about thalictrum bought 3 more this year……it’s becoming a problem !!!!

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      • Hello, and thank you for that kind offer – yes if it sets any seeds I would love some. Is the Crug one a form of Thalictrum kiusianum? I am not at all surprised you have a thing for them – they are beautiful plants, lovely at all stages of growth πŸ™‚


  2. What a nice range of colors. Beautiful. Enjoy your time with your grands because they grow up fast. πŸ™‚


  3. Amazed your crocosmia are flowering already. Mine will probably be at least another month.


  4. All plans out the window during school holidays. Lovely plants!


  5. I am only just realising quite how many thalictrums there are. I have quite a few new ones this year, but they are all earlier flowering than yours. The white one is gorgeous.
    Primula florindae is fragrant? I never noticed, I’ m going out to sniff.


  6. Your flowers look as if they are coping better with the heat than you are. Over here I am now getting concerned about the lack of rain. Amelia


    • Like you, we definitely need some rain, the tall annuals are struggling…. mind you so am I, it’s a bit cooler and breezier here today so I’m going out with a friend for lunch before the invasion of children tomorrow. (love them really ).Sue

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  7. Great photos Sue, your garden looks like its packed full of beauties! Happy holidays to you too πŸ™‚


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